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5 Advantages of In-Home ABA Therapy

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When parents decide to start Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy, they are usually given a choice between a professional setting such as a clinic or the home; this isn't always an easy decision. There is no right or wrong answer; however, it comes down to personal preference and the best environment for your child. Here are a few benefits of having in-home ABA therapy for your child:

  1. Family Involvement: The most important one! Parents or caregivers can actively participate during the sessions. It allows for more training and help to be provided to parents and caregivers, which is essential for your child's program's consistency and success. It also will enable parents to have open communication with their therapist, observe the session, and work on social skills helping sibling relationships.

  2. Address home behaviors: There will be certain behaviors that mostly occur in the home, such as getting dressed, bathing, toileting, mealtime, bedtime routine, or brushing teeth, that your therapist will target. Remember, your child's program is individualized, meaning it will specifically cater to your child's needs.

  3. Real-time experience: There are those times when parents share their concerns about a particular behavior, but we cannot fully address the concern without it being observed. Sometimes these behaviors only happen within the home. In-home sessions allow the therapist to see behavior challenges in real-time as they occur instead of getting a second-hand account from the parents or caregivers.

  4. Natural environment: This is your home where your family is comfortable. It allows the therapist to see how your child interacts with you, siblings, grandparents, and even pets.

  5. Convenience: Your therapist comes to you. With families who have busy calendars, it is easier and less stressful. In-home sessions fit right into your family's routine, and hopefully, that means little to no interruptions to your daily schedule.

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