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Our Services

Our services are available for children and teens from 12 months to 18 years old in the Broward, Miami-Dade and West Palm Beach

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Red Head Baby
Early Intervention
  • 18 months - 5 years old

  • Communication Skills

  • Following individual and group instructions

  • Self-help Skills (toileting and grooming)

  • Food aversions

  • Social and Play Skills

  • School Readiness

  • Behavior Management

Boys with toys
ABA Therapy
  • Children all ages

  • Individualized intervention plans

  • 1:1 or group setting

  • Functional Communication Skills

  • Self-Help Skills

  • Behavior Management

  • Daily Living Skills 

  • Leisure and Social Interaction Skills

  • Tolerating Life Changes

  • Family/Parent Involvement

Family At Church
Family Support
  • Parent/Family Training

  • In home and/or community setting

  • Identify antecedents and consequences of behavior(s)

  • Help with shaping and prompting

  • Importance of reinforcement

  • Providing a safe space to discuss concerns

Image by Josh Applegate
Academic Readiness
  • Private, public school and virtual school/daycare setting

  • ABA methods use to support school environment

  • Improve Behaviors in the classroom

  • BCBAs, RBTs and school staff work as a team

  • Parent support during meetings

  • We advocate for your child's needs

Image by Arwan Sutanto
Behavioral Support
  • Identify behavior(s)

    • Aggression (Physical and/or Verbal)​

    • Disruptive Behaviors

    • Inappropriate Social Behaviors

    • Crying/Whining

    • Elopement

    • Stranger Danger

    • Bedtime Inconsistencies

    • Toileting Problems

    • Feeding Problems

  • Identify locations they occur (home, school and/or community)

  • Identify the cause of the behavior(s)

  • Individualized treatment plan

  • Provide training for caregivers

Do you have a different concern? Maybe we can help! If not, we will refer you.


Shakira Millar

Care Coordinator

Lead Therapist


Natasha Heaselgrave

Clinical Director


Jean Franco

In-house Translator

Lead Therapist

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